For nearly 50 years the Co-Redemptorists have brought Christ to the Poor and Most Abandoned by their support of the young men who choose to pursue religious life as Redemptorist priests and brothers. Co-Redemptorists help to close the gap between our costs for supporting our seminarians and our resources from past gifts and savings. Nearly every priest and brother active in the DenverProvince today is a beneficiary of Co-Redemptorists generosity. This is vital work to ensure that the Gospel message continues to be preached to a wounded world.

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Pray for Redemptorist Vocations

God, we thank you
for the blessings you have given us
in Christ our Redeemer.
Let your Spirit overshadow your people,
making your gentle invitation
heard in many hearts.
Lord of the harvest,
bless the Redemptorist family
throughout the world
with many vocations,
so that those in greatest need
will experience the good news
of redemption.

May your love grow among us
and spread throughout all your creation,
through Christ our Lord.

Mother of Perpetual Help,
pray for us.
Saint Alphonsus and all our Redemptorist saints,
pray for us.