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Another convenient way to learn about the Redemptorists and to join us in prayer, is by watching these brief videos or by following us on Vimeo or YouTube at Redemptorists Denver.

Redemptorists can be found ministering all over the world and close to home: From America’s poorest zip codes to the furthest reaches of the globe. We go where others do not go, we deliver the Gospel where it’s needed most. Everywhere. The Redemptorist mission is simple: To strive to imitate the virtues and examples of Jesus Christ, Our Most Holy Redeemer, by preaching the word of God to the poor. We look to serve society’s forgotten and most neglected peoples worldwide. The Redemptorists are also known throughout the world for their special ministry to Our Mother of Perpetual Help. In addition to our many US parishes and missions, we have missions in Brazil and Nigeria.

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