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January, 2020

A New Year Has Arrived with Prayers for Peace

Dear Co-Redemptorist,

Fr. John Schmidt, C.Ss.R.

A new year has arrived, and our prayers express a hope for peace, faith and harmony for the year. Looking at 2020 as a year of opportunity to grow in Christian life, ask yourself who is a role model for you?

When we form young men as Redemptorists we do more than teach them to be good Redemptorist Missionaries. Their formation process focuses on lived experience: reflection on how I am faithful to the ideal. Many people help in this formation process as spiritual directors, confessors, formation directors and especially venerable Redemptorists who make an impact on us.

Brother Patrick Concidine was one Redemptorist who had an impact on me. I lived with him at St. Michael in Chicago. He was instrumental in helping me grow as a Redemptorist by witnessing through prayer and presence. People seemed to flock to him because he was friendly and was present after Masses on Sundays. Brother Patrick showed me what a Redemptorist is: a man of prayer, cheerful and present. His message was clear: you are loved by God. This is the Redemptorist message and through it we encourage people to turn to Jesus.

Maybe you have a memory of a Redemptorist who influenced your Christian life—a special person like Bro. Concidine. On the enclosed form you can write the name of such a special person. You may also request that a letter of acknowledgement be sent to this person by including their address. Finally, you may also want to send a gift to us in honor of them. As a member of the Co-Redemptorists you are special to us because of your prayers and generous support of our seminarians.

Brother Patrick left a mark on me and influenced me as a Redemptorist. He was a gift to me, and I am blessed by his wisdom and kindness. Who has blessed you?

Thank you for your past support, and as you plan your almsgiving for the end of 2019, please include the Co-Redemptorist Association in your plans.

In Christ the Redeemer,
Father John K. Schmidt, C.Ss.R.
Director, Co-Redemptorist Association

P.S.: Have you considered including the Redemptorists in your estate plans? Through your stewardship, you share in our many Redemptorists ministries. Will you join us on this final journey of Faith? Jim Ruybal, the Director of Redemptorist Mission Advancement, is available to discuss a special legacy gift that can continue the Redemptorists’ work beyond your lifetime. Send him an email, or call at 303-726-0839.