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June, 2020

The Kingdom of God is marked by peace and justice.

Dear Co-Redemptorist,

Fr. John Schmidt, C.Ss.R.

Christians live in tension. Christ redeemed us, and we know we are not at the fullness of redemption which arrives in God’s time. The Kingdom of God is marked by peace and justice and it has yet to set firm roots. We hope our work with God will make justice a reality, but our own conversion must take place.

Since May 25 we have wrestled with a fresh example of racial injustice. Video clips showing George Floyd’s murder anger us and prompt us to ask: how can such a sin against a human being exist in our world? I’m a member of the Redemptorist community in Minneapolis and saw the violence consuming the city. Our parish is home to immigrant people from Latin America and Africa and I am beginning to explore the anxiety and anger they feel.

Redemptorist bring redemption to the poor and abandoned—those economically disadvantaged and those who haven’t heard the gospel or don’t find it as ‘good news.’ We show solidarity with the poor we live among by ‘promoting their fundamental rights to justice and freedom.’ The salvation the Church preaches is not separate from the basic rights of justice and freedom we have by our creation. This challenges me and my brothers to reflect how racism affects us, how we promote it, and what we do to end it.

Fr. Marcel Okwara, C.Ss.R., says racism ends with Love: the willing of all good for others. You and I are bound to love. Jesus’ command to love is beyond ‘how I love’ to ‘how HE loves.’ Join me as we continue to reflect on how racism affects us, and as we continue to engage such questions honestly.

For Deacon Huy Vu, who is preparing for priesthood ordination, the question is essential. For me and my brother Redemptorists, the question is essential. For you, as disciples of Jesus the question is essential.

I pray that Our Mother of Perpetual Help guide us in these days. As we look to her icon and see the great gift she offers us, I hope we will be drawn to love our brothers and sisters as Jesus does.

Thank you also for your past support, and while the Churches remain closed, please continue to include the Co-Redemptorist Association in your giving plans.

In Christ the Redeemer,
Father John K. Schmidt, C.Ss.R.
Director, Co-Redemptorist Association

P.S.: Have you considered including the Redemptorists in your estate plans? Through your stewardship, you share in our many Redemptorists ministries. Will you join us on this final journey of Faith? Fr. Greg May, C.Ss.R., Office of Financial Services, is available to discuss a special legacy gift that can continue the Redemptorists’ work beyond your lifetime. Send him an email, or call at 312-248-8894.