Pray with Redemptorists During Coronavirus

St Alphonus Church in Michigan Responds to Coronavirus with Bags of Hope.

This is an incredibly challenging time for our churches and communities. Redemptorists’ St. Alphonsus in Michigan is responding with bags of food for those most in need.

They recently announced a new partnership with Kids Food Basket and have begun distributing food bags to children in need. Food is being distributed at St. Alphonsus on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays from 11:00am-noon. 107 Kids Food Basket bagged meals were handed on a recent day.

The St. Alphonsus’ Food Pantry remains open despite the risk, however, all precautions are being taken. Instead of allowing customers into the pantry, they are greeted at the door and food bags are put together and brought out to them. 400 bags of food have been handed out since Monday, March 23. St. Alphonsus wishes to extend a special thanks to the Social Concerns Department and the awesome volunteers who help hand out food.

Finally, the first St. Al’s food truck of the year will be in the parking lot across from the church on Tuesday, April 7 at 5pm. Food will be distributed via drive thru or walk-up. St. Alphonsus is working hard to respond to the dramatic increase in the need for food. At the same time they are dealing with unprecedented changes in their distribution network. Through it all, the parish has been overwhelmed with gratitude by the community’s incredible response.