Autumn is the time to move inward. As the leaves fall from the trees, the days shorten and the temperatures fall, we witness again the mystery of the seasons. Autumn is also traditionally a time for inner spiritual renewal. It is a time to pay close attention to the movement of the spirit while discerning anew God’s call to us.


Fr. John Bartunek, LC, SThD, has written this wonderful series of meditations, both to reconnect us to the beauty of the fall season, and to renew our deeper spiritual essence. Fr. John explains: “…meditation means giving yourself the time and space, both physically and psychologically, to reflect calmly and deeply on important spiritual values. It is my sincere hope that by doing so you will experience a spiritual and emotional revitalization.”

Liguori offers this book to you now as we prepare to begin anew the Church’s liturgical season.

Autumn Meditations is the third in a series of four seasonal meditations books. It explores religious topics in the context of modern-day life. The twelve reflections in this book follow the rhythms of the autumn season, helping you rediscover the beauty of a balanced, God-centered life. We hope you will explore Autumn Meditations as well as other Fall offerings by visiting the Redemptorists’ Liguori website.

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An Important Link to Our Faith

Catholic publishing houses such as Liguori are a powerful means of evangelization. They are also a source of inspiration and joy on our spiritual journey.

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