St. Alphonsus Community in New Orleans

St. Alphonsus Community in New Orleans is one of the many communities and parishes the Redemptorists minister to in the US. A truly multi-cultural community with people of various ages, backgrounds and experiences, St.Alphonsus ministers to the needs of the poor and marginalized from our Redemptorist campus. Among the programs offered are:

Hope House

This ministry continues to reach out to the poorest in our community by providing a food pantry, coffee house, and slightly used clothing for those in need. It also offers a high school equivalent degree program and does much in terms of local community organizing.

The Catholic Worker House

The Catholic Worker House concentrates on helping homeless families who need both financial and spiritual support while working to bring back stability in their lives.

Mercy Endeavors

After many years of dreaming and fundraising, this senior citizen activity center administered by the Sisters of Mercy now provides an array of services for the elderly.

St. Thomas Community Health Clinic

The clinic operation continues to expand and now extends to multiple sites in our general neighborhood. Last year it served more than 30,000 people who possessed little or no insurance coverage.

St. Alphonsus School

The school is administered by the Sisters of Mercy. With almost 300 students from pre-Kindergarten through elementary school, St. Alphonsus is filled to capacity.  The school serves students who are generally from very poor families. It provides them with a good Catholic education using the state’s tuition voucher program.

For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink…