The Live and Vocation of Religious Brothers

The vocation of a brother revolves around God’s love in three unique but connected ways. A brother is called to personally receive God’s love and then serve as an individual mediator for God’s love into the world. A brother is called to share God’s love with his community and to help the community be rooted in God’s love. A brother is called to live in the mission of sharing God’s love with everyone, especially the disadvantaged and suffering in our society. These three components of the vocation of brother all build on and complement each other and show the wide sphere of influence brothers are called to have throughout the world.

The vocation of a brother is not to remain an individual worker but to be a member of a larger community to serve a greater purpose. The ministerial fraternity is the “source and fruit of mission,” meaning the vocation of a brother starts and stays rooted in his community.

—Excerpted from “Celebrating the Life and Vocation of the Religious Brothers.”

Religious brothers build fraternity through sharing their lives and actions that bring forth God’s love. Please join us in praying for all religious brothers, and click the link below to learn more about the vocation and life of religious brothers.

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