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Co-Redemptorists are lay men and women who take an active role in helping to recruit and support young men who choose to pursue religious life as Redemptorist priests and brothers.

Your support manifests itself in three ways:

  • Prayer: Jesus told us to pray that new workers would be called into God’s vineyard. Without people praying for an increase in vocations, there will be no Redemptorists. Co-Redemptorists are partners in prayer.
  • Invitation: God’s call to serve the poor as a Redemptorists comes through the voice of friends. If no one suggest to a suitable Catholic man that God may be calling him, he may never recognize God’s call. Co-Redemptorists are partners in calling.
  • Support: Moral and financial support help a young man realize his dream of becoming a Redemptorist priest or brother. Co-Redemptorists are partners in support.

As a Co-Redemptorist, you are welcomed into a family of workers for God’s glory and the needs of his Church:

  • Prayer: Your personal prayers are joined to those offered up by Redemptorists around the world
  • Share in Ministry: When a seminarian in the U.S. learns how to minister to the sick – you are there. When a brother in Nigeria cares for a needy family – you are there. When a novice in Brazil learns how to lead others in prayer – you are there. Your faith is reaching out to God’s people far away.
  • Inspiration: You receive a monthly letter to: inform you of what your cooperation is accomplishing; to provide encouragement in your own life of faith; and to thank you for your prayers, for your encouragement of vocations, and for your financial generosity.

Become an active partner in this glorious work as a Co-Redemptorist today!

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Or download the form below and mail it back to:

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