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June, 2019

First Teachers of the Faith

Dear Co-Redemptorist,

Fr. John Schmidt, C.Ss.R.

The phrase “First Teachers of the Faith” occurs in the liturgical book for baptism and it means parents are the first teachers of the faith to their children by word and example. If we understand how children catch on to our ideas and our words, we would choose them wisely.

My folks were faithful Catholics. They raised my brothers and me through Catholic school and  the sacraments. Sunday began with Mass then off to breakfast. My dad was one of the first lay lectors in the parish and was faithful to both morning Masses. Later, maybe sensing that I was pondering a vocation, he asked me to join him. It was a great moment to share this ministry with my dad, my first teacher of the faith.

This June we celebrate Fathers’ Day and, in some ways over time, I’ve become more reflective of my dad. He died early and I often think how much I miss him and would love to talk with him about growing up as a kid, his job as an iron worker, his own faith, and about Jesus who certainly had a hold on him.

My dad didn’t share much, but he found something in Church and faithfully shared the Word with others. He taught me about kindness and generosity, faithfulness and love. He did a good job as a teacher in the faith. This month 30 years ago I was ordained, and I think of him. It was a moment I wished he was there to share with me, and I know he had been eager to see me through. His prayers were with me and his expression of faith formed me as a son and a Redemptorist.

Many people help us and teach us in faith. Our seminarians have been helped through Redemptorist mentors and lay people in ministries. Co Redemptorist help through prayer. I am grateful to you for helping Redemptorists become preachers of the Gospel.

Thank you for your past support, and as you plan your almsgiving for 2019, please include the Co-Redemptorist Association in your regular giving plans.

In Christ the Redeemer,
Father John K. Schmidt, C.Ss.R.
Director, Co-Redemptorist Association

P.S.: Have you considered including the Redemptorists in your estate plans? Through your stewardship, you share in our many Redemptorists ministries. Will you join us on this final journey of Faith? Jim Ruybal, the Director of Redemptorist Mission Advancement, is available to discuss a special legacy gift that can continue the Redemptorists’ work beyond your lifetime. Send him an email, or call at 303-726-0839.